Back in 2016, three friends fresh out of university with degrees in computer science found themselves tangled up in tech troubles. That’s when a bright idea struck – why not create a space where solving problems became our mission? We figured if we were facing these obstacles, others surely were too. Thus, WikiHelpful was born, a spot where everyone, from students to professionals, could come together to chat about tech glitches and solve them as a team.

Among us, we cover all things tech – software, hardware, systems, you name it! Now, we’re professionals working in different senior positions: one of us in DevOps and cybersecurity, another in game development, and the third in web development. Our cozy brainstorming sessions at a friend’s place kicked off the WikiHelpful project. Believe it or not, within just a month, our blog was up and running! When we shared it across our university and the computer science department, the response was amazing. Experts joined in, generously sharing their wisdom. That’s how WikiHelpful transformed from our simple idea into a bustling hub of tech solutions!

Who are the experts reviewing wikiHelpful articles?

Authors List
zeeshan akram
Zeeshan Akram
DevOps Engineer
A powerhouse in the world of tech! With a Bachelor’s in Computer Science under his belt, Zeeshan’s journey began as a software engineer. Over time, his passion for cybersecurity led him. Read more
mohsin afzal
Mohsin Afzal
Senior Game Developer.
a creative force in the world of game development! Armed with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Mohsin ventured into the thrilling world of gaming right after completing his studies. Read more
Tariq Ehsan
Senior Web Developer
Tariq Ehsan, a web wizard! He studied Computer Science and then jumped into making websites. Now, after more than five years, he’s a pro, a Senior Web Developer. Tariq loves making Read more
Information security Expert
Meet Sadiq, a fusion of language and tech brilliance! Armed with both a Master’s in English and Computer Science, Sadiq swiftly transitioned into the realm of cybersecurity analysis after finishing his studies.Read more
Senior IOS Developer
Nouman, an ace in the world of iOS development! With a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering under his belt, Nouman leaped into the world of iOS development right after completing his studies. Read more
Senior Network Engineer
Meet Sidra, our networking expert! She started her career as a Networking Engineer and loves everything about making networks run smoothly. Sidra’s superpower is understanding how all Read more
Senior System Engineer
Qasir, a tech enthusiast who’s a wizard with systems! With a degree in Computer Science specializing in System Engineering, Qasir ventured into the world of System Engineering right after graduating. With over seven years of hands-on experience, he’s become a seasoned System Engineer.
Computer & Phone Repair
Meet Umar, our tech wizard! Armed with a Diploma in Computer & Phone Repair, Umar ventured into the tech world and now runs his own business as the CEO of Solvetech. Umar’s expertise lies in fixing computers and phones like a champ.He knows the ins and outs of hardware and software Read more
Meet Farhan, our design guru! Even though he studied Art and Design, Farhan found his true calling in creating amazing digital experiences. Now, he’s a Senior UX and Graphic Designer, ruling the design realm. Farhan isn’t just a pro in Adobe and other design software; he’s a wizard