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keto broccoli salad recipe

keto broccoli salad Recipe

So many keto side dishes revolve around meat, cheese, and low-carb veggies (often green leafy ones like kale), but what about something that’s an actual salad?

Well fear not! This easy keto broccoli salad has all the flavors you love in a typical mayo based coleslaw type dish without the added carbs—plus, it’s so simple to make.

Why This keto broccoli salad Is So Good

  • This salad is the perfect meal replacement for those days when you are looking to comfort yourself and stay healthy at the same time.
  • The broccoli salad keto recipe is a surefire winner that allows you to share your favorite dish with anyone. I promise, no one will be able tell it’s low carb.
  • The keto-friendly broccoli salad will keep for many days in the fridge, and it’s a healthy way to get your fix of vegetables.
  • There are a wide variety of ingredients you can use in your recipes, so whether it’s the perfect nut or cheese for that special dish on hand; don’t be afraid to experiment.

Why you should try this recipe:

Vegetables can be difficult to navigate on a ketogenic diet, so I’ve made things easy for you to make sure you don’t go overboard with carbs. This keto broccoli salad is very low in both carbohydrates and calories, but it still has that great broccoli taste. The ingredients are simple and easy to find, so you’ll have the dish made in no time.

Top Tips for Making easy keto broccoli salad

  • If you want the full broccoli experience, buy a whole head and cut off some stalks.
  • The broccoli salad keto recipe is a great option for those following the diet, as it’s easy to assemble and even better after letting rest in fridge for awhile.
  • To keep the carb intake low, I shredded some cheese and used mayonnaise with bacon. There are no added sugars in this salad.
  • Other keto side dishes I recommend are onion rings , cauliflower mashed potatoes , and spinach casserole.

Is broccoli good on the keto diet?

Yes, broccoli is good on the keto diet because it has only 2g of carbohydrates per serving. Broccoli also has a low glycemic index, meaning that it won’t wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels–giving you energy for hours without spiking or crashing them or making you feel hungry 3 minutes later. My personal favourite way to cook broccoli is to mix in some butter, olive oil, garlic powder and salt.

Can I eat salad everyday on keto?

Seems like a pretty open question to me! One of the major advantages of ketones for weight loss is that you’re never “depriving” yourself, since something as delicious as salad is usually low in calories and relatively high in micro nutrients. As long as your salads are liberally speckled with fats or protein, you’ll have plenty of fat burning fuel around to help stabilise blood sugar levels.

Yes. But be sure to check out our keto salad recipe collection for some awesome twists on classic lettuce offerings.

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How to make keto broccoli salad

keto broccoli salad Recipe

keto broccoli salad Recipe

Keto baoccoli salad is good for if want to eat delicious salad but low carb then this recipe is good for you.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine American
Servings 4 People
Calories 428 kcal


  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1/4 walnuts
  • 1 salt or according to your taste
  • 1/2 Cheddar
  • 4 slices crumbled
  • 2 tbsp chopped chives
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard


  • In a pot, put in 6 cups of water. Add salt to the water. Boil it until it is hot. While waiting for this liquid to reach its boiling point and then prepare yourself with an ice bath in which you will immerse your hand after removing from direct heat source so that it does not get burned by residual flames when handling hot substance like oil (or other food products).
  • Boil the broccoli in boiling water until it is soft. Then put it in a bowl of ice-cold water to cool it down. You will need to spin it two times before removing from liquid! This helps cool down its bitter taste so you can enjoy this healthy veggie's delicious flavor without worry about side effects like indigestion or heartburn- both common when consuming raw vegetables on their own.
  • Combine all dressing ingredients in a medium bowl and whisk until thoroughly mixed. Season with salt or pepper as desired for an unforgettable salad.
  • With all the ingredients in a large bowl, pour on top of dressing and toss until combined. Cover with plastic wrap before refrigerating to keep salad fresh for up 4 hours or more.
  • Best served at room temperature
  • Some like to add grilled chicken, shrimp or salmon for added protein (and deliciousness). If you're going to do this, cook the protein before adding it to the salad.
  • This keto broccoli salad is sure to become a regular side dish at your house- it's that good! And with only a few simple tweaks, it can easily be made into a no mayo version for those who are avoiding that ingredient. So go ahead and give it a try- you won't regret it.


Nutrition (per serving): 428 calories, 12 g protein, 11 g carbohydrates, 5 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 39 g fat, 8 g saturated fat, 710 mg sodium
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keto broccoli salad recipe
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